When in Seoul, the thing to so it stuff yourself with meat. Grilled beef (another post), fried chicken, bone soup, raw meats, spicy sauces – it all makes for a wonderful assault on the digestive tract. Downed with sochu and beer. Go on, admit it. We all love it.

Exhibit #1: Dakuroga. Tender, marinated pieces of chicken barbecued at your table. Dakalbi, as it is known in Korean. With garlic, onion, chillies, special sauce and toppoki (Korean rice cakes). I challenge you to stop eating. Even when you are feeling full. And when you are close to bursting, you must order the Bokumbab. It’s cooked on the same grill using all the leftover goodness from the chicken. Again. I challenge you to stop eating.

In Korea, everything useful is shared on Kakao Talk. So I am taking the liberty of pasting a few images from my friends messages guiding me to the right place. Thanks June! And all of you can thank me later.

This is what you show the taxi uncle.
dakalbi 1
This is what it looks from the outside.