The next time you are in Mumbai, spare some time to go to Ballard Estate in South Mumbai and savour some excellent Parsi and Irani food at Britannia & Co. Dig into their famous Beri Pulao – an indulgent rice dish served with bilberries from Iran. Tuck into the rich Salli Boti – mutton cooked with apricots soaked in vinegar and topped with potato shoestrings. Enjoy their soft chapatis with kheema – spicy mutton mince with peas. Wash it all down with the very pink  Raspberry soda and end on a sweet note with their Caramel Custard.

The third generation of the Kohinoor family still manages the restaurant and the decor at Britannia & Co. hasn’t changed much, probably since the restaurant first opened. Red checked tablecloths covered with glass and the classic wooden Irani chairs. But it is charming and well worth the trek to the other end of the city.